Fall Into Spring

October 14, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG Even though spring is already here doesn’t mean that I’m ready to wear lighter clothing and today I wore an outfit inspired by fall. That is why I wanted to wear an autumnal outfit, and basically everything I wore was brown. This was a warm outfit I chose to wear a special piece which is the suede blazer and paired it with brown pants and brown desert boots. As it was a sunny day i wore rounded sunglasses.Read More

Green Is The Colour

July 6, 2016 What I Wore

Green is one of my favorite colors, so i decided to wear this green t-shirt today, i really like its color and texture. My friend and i were looking for a place to take some photos and we found this wall close to my house and we thought it was perfect, it was fun and a bit awkward because there were a lot of trucks and cars passing by and my friend was trying no to get hit by one.Read More