Nobody Home

April 24, 2017 What I Wore

ENG These are the last days warm days of the season and It’s been raining recently, but this afternoon was a bit sunny, a bit cloudy, and a perfect time to wear an all black outfit. Black is an amazing color, some may say it can be boring, but if you give it a twist, it can be a powerful color. I chose to wear black pants with a biker jacket, a concert t-shirt and one of my favorite wide-brimmedRead More

Last Cool Days

September 26, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half]ENG The weather is crazy right now, one moment is cool, the next moment is warm and the next moment there is a cool breeze, I think that is what a transition means. And with these last days of winter I am feeling the spring coming closer and closer, and that is exiting, because there will be finally warmer days, I was getting tired of so much cold. For this outfit I wanted to wear one of my favorite colors,Read More

Earthy Neutral

July 15, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG This is my fourth post on The Bold Manifesto, and it’s been a month since i started this blog posting my outfit. It’s been fun so far, I’m still learning how to manage the blog. I have to make more photographs, so ill try to be more constant and post more. I think that one of the easiest ways to create color combos for outfits is by choosing colors that are same warmth (neutral cool, or warm) andRead More

The Bold Red

June 22, 2016 What I Wore

Benvenuto, welcome, bienvenido! I’ve been thinking in opening a blog for a while and after a long time of planning, writing, drawing and drinking coffee i decided that it was time to do it, so here it is!. Here i will post my outfits and looks, as well as photography, so i hope you like it. The weather in my city is changing a lot and winter is right around the corner, so there are still some warm days untilRead More