Denim Jacket

Denim & Denim

February 11, 2017 What I Wore

ENG We found this place hidden in the city and thought it was a nice place to make some photos. I chose to wear denim because denim is love. I’m wearing a pair of white denim jeans from Hering and a floral printed tee from Pull & Bear and pair them with an oversized denim jacket. I think the contrast between the pants and the jacket is perfect and compliment each other well. The key when wearing double denim isRead More

August 17, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG Blue is one of the best colors, i like to wear it with everything. I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t wear black and blue due to its shades, but i think it is one of the best color combinations when done right, i chose to wear a denim shirt with a denim jacket and pair them with black pants. I think the combination works because of the tones of blue on the jacket, they are not dark, soRead More