The Thorned One

December 5, 2017 What I Wore

Earlier this year one of my favorite designers presented a collection called “Ajayu” which in the andean world is the complimentary energies in humans containing the feelings, emotions and reason. The collection showed pieces that were completed with other pieces, just like the soul, showing the relationship between people. One of the most beautiful pieces of the collection was this coat, from the very first moment I saw it, I said that it was going to be mine. And nowRead More


June 30, 2016 What I Wore

My friend and i decided to make some photos at sunset, as we all know the light is just great, we had to be as fast as we could because light changed really quick. As i said in the earlier post, the weather in my city is always changing, in the morning can be really warm but at night can get chilly and finding a balance between warm and cool outfits can be difficult, so i tough today was aRead More