What I Wore

Slight Return

February 2, 2018 What I Wore

When i saw this jacket I knew it was going to be mine, it was love at first sight even though my sister hated it at first sight. I like to wear it a lot and theĀ  fact that is a fringed jacket makes it more amazing. One of the best things is that the fit shorter and has a bit of a boxy retro shape, and It adds a bohemian touch to the outfits. For this outfit i wantedRead More

The Thorned One

December 5, 2017 What I Wore

Earlier this year one of my favorite designers presented a collection called “Ajayu” which in the andean world is the complimentary energies in humans containing the feelings, emotions and reason. The collection showed pieces that were completed with other pieces, just like the soul, showing the relationship between people. One of the most beautiful pieces of the collection was this coat, from the very first moment I saw it, I said that it was going to be mine. And nowRead More

Nobody Home

April 24, 2017 What I Wore

ENG These are the last days warm days of the season and It’s been raining recently, but this afternoon was a bit sunny, a bit cloudy, and a perfect time to wear an all black outfit. Black is an amazing color, some may say it can be boring, but if you give it a twist, it can be a powerful color. I chose to wear black pants with a biker jacket, a concert t-shirt and one of my favorite wide-brimmedRead More

Denim & Denim

February 11, 2017 What I Wore

ENG We found this place hidden in the city and thought it was a nice place to make some photos. I chose to wear denim because denim is love. I’m wearing a pair of white denim jeans from Hering and a floral printed tee from Pull & Bear and pair them with an oversized denim jacket. I think the contrast between the pants and the jacket is perfect and compliment each other well. The key when wearing double denim isRead More

Striped Mistakes

January 13, 2017 What I Wore

It’s been months since I last posted a look. And one of my new year’s resolution is to post more often and so far I’m doing it (It’s only been two weeks of 2017) and this is my second post of the year. My friend and I planned to do the photos in a totally different place, but then we started walking through the city and we literally went from one side of the city to the other one. SoRead More

Fall Into Spring

October 14, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG Even though spring is already here doesn’t mean that I’m ready to wear lighter clothing and today I wore an outfit inspired by fall. That is why I wanted to wear an autumnal outfit, and basically everything I wore was brown. This was a warm outfit I chose to wear a special piece which is the suede blazer and paired it with brown pants and brown desert boots. As it was a sunny day i wore rounded sunglasses.Read More

Last Cool Days

September 26, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half]ENG The weather is crazy right now, one moment is cool, the next moment is warm and the next moment there is a cool breeze, I think that is what a transition means. And with these last days of winter I am feeling the spring coming closer and closer, and that is exiting, because there will be finally warmer days, I was getting tired of so much cold. For this outfit I wanted to wear one of my favorite colors,Read More

August 17, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG Blue is one of the best colors, i like to wear it with everything. I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t wear black and blue due to its shades, but i think it is one of the best color combinations when done right, i chose to wear a denim shirt with a denim jacket and pair them with black pants. I think the combination works because of the tones of blue on the jacket, they are not dark, soRead More

Earthy Neutral

July 15, 2016 What I Wore

[one_half] ENG This is my fourth post on The Bold Manifesto, and it’s been a month since i started this blog posting my outfit. It’s been fun so far, I’m still learning how to manage the blog. I have to make more photographs, so ill try to be more constant and post more. I think that one of the easiest ways to create color combos for outfits is by choosing colors that are same warmth (neutral cool, or warm) andRead More

Green Is The Colour

July 6, 2016 What I Wore

Green is one of my favorite colors, so i decided to wear this green t-shirt today, i really like its color and texture. My friend and i were looking for a place to take some photos and we found this wall close to my house and we thought it was perfect, it was fun and a bit awkward because there were a lot of trucks and cars passing by and my friend was trying no to get hit by one.Read More